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Date : 22 June 1887

Prime Minister


Fds Queen’s appl. to HRH The Duke of Teck receiving the style nd dignity of  “His Highness” & reqts that the Earl Marshal be informed




See notes within from Garter.

In the cases of Prince Louis of Hesse and Prince Christian, and Prince Henry of Battenberg Warrants were signed by HM before a notificaiton was sent to the Earl Marshal.


? Prepare Warrant in accordance with enc.d Draft?

[initials] 29.6.87

[initials]29 June 87

warrant dated.

1 July 87

? Apply to Treasury that instructions may be given to the Inland Revenue to stamp the Warrant free of charge


2 July 87

Wrote to Treasury 2/7/87





June 2 1887

Lord Salisbury with his humble duty respectfully submits to your Majesty that HSH the Duke of Teck receive the style and dignity of  “His Highness”.



June 22 1887


Mr Knyvett 23/6


My dear Ruggles Brise

will you kindly inform the Home Secretary of the enclosed alteration in the Duke of Teck’s title, in order that Mr Matthews may inform the Earl Marshal on the subjecct.

I am very truly yours

Henry Manners

College of Arms

Queen Victoria Street


24 June 1887


My dear Knyvett,

it has been usual in the case of the title of “Royal Highness” to notify the Queen’s pleasure by letter from the Secretary of State to the Earl Marshal and I suppose a similar authority is all that is necessary for “Highness”.

The Queen granted the prefix of  “Highness” to her grandchildren the sons and daughters of the Prince Christian. In this case it was done somewhat more formal under the Royal Sign Manual with the Great Seal privately attached to it by order of the Lord Chancellor. Is its proper term a cold seal?  In a more recent case, in Dec. 1886, the children of Prince and Princess Henry of Battenberg had the title of “Highness” conferred in the same manner.

I should think a letter will be sufficient for the Duke of Teck.

Yours very faithfully,


    Albert W. Woods



Carey Knyvett

CB etc etc etc

29 June 1887


Dear Knyvett

Excuse the delay as I am really hard pressed with work at the present time. I fancy this will do for the case of the Duke of Teck following that of the Prince Henry of Battenberg. His draft warrant is returned.  On reference to the following letters from your Office for the prefix of “His Royal Highness” I fail to discover any reference to a Sign Manual Warrant.  Was Prince Henry of Battenberg the first case of a Warrant? Dates of letters:

23 July 1816 Prince Leopold

6 April 1818 Duke of Gloucester

8 Feb 1840 Prince Consort

5 July 1862 Prince Louis of Hesse

2 July 1866 Prince Christian


Yours sincerely,

    Albert W. Woods

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