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Disclaimer: what follows are links to many websites, each possibly containing many pages. I have not personally inspected every word of every web site listed here, and I neither endorse nor assume responsibility for their full contents.


1. Online References

2. Web Rings

Web rings are voluntary associations of web sites which use a simple mechanism to provide links with each other. There are several web rings on heraldry and related subjects.

You can also go to the Webring Homepage to search for other rings.

3. Heraldry Web Sites

This listing is not comprehensive.  For more links, see James Wolf's Heraldry on the Internet.

a. General

b. Sites Focused on a Specific Country or Area

  • Eccleasiastical Heraldry
  • Araldica Vaticana 
    Site devoted to heraldry in the Roman Catholic Church (in Italian), by Giovanni Sicari
  • Belarus
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • European Union
  • Finland
    • an article on national and provincial arms by Maunu Harmo, Master of Pol. Sc., Former President of the Finnish Society of Heraldry.
  • France
    • Héraldique, sigillographie  (in French)

    • heraldry pages of Karolus, a French site of family history. This growing resource is in part sponsored by the Conseil Français d'Héraldique. It contains a French armory and a French dictionary of heraldic terms (both under construction), as well as bibliographies, articles, etc. An important site.
    • HERATLAS: Petit atlas d'héraldique en ligne (in French and partially in English)

    • by Jean-Marc Frénéa :  wonderful illustrated armory of French provinces, and a constantly growing, extensive heraldic atlas of various provinces with maps, illustrations and blasons in French and English. Ultimately, the site will also include maps of fiefs and genealogies of possessors.
    • Arnaud Bunel's Héraldique européenne (in French)
      an excellent an lavishly illustrated site devoted to European heraldry, with strong focus on France: royal family, high nobility, provinces, cities, etc (in French).
    • French Civic Heraldry by Brian Timms, an exhaustive site devoted to the arms of French cities
    • La Banque du Blason (in French)
      an excellent site showcasing high quality depictions of coats of arms drawn with Illustrator. Over 1000 arms are available, mostly arms of cities and local authorities, but also individuals, families, historical figures. Blazons and historical notes are provided. In French.
    • ARCHIM (in French)
      the image database of the French Archives Nationales (CARAN) at the Ministère de la Culture, has a collection of pictures of medieval seals with descriptions (in French). To access it, in the option selection box marked "Intitulé du dossier" choose "SCEAUX (DOSSIER 1)", then click on "recherche", the blue button. You will then be shown 62 impressions of seals, by groups of five.
      Recently, a new collection of 72 seals from medieval Burgundy has been added.
    • The Armorial de Lutzenbourg, a 15th century French universal armory with illustrations.
    • EarlyBlazon, a site on early coat of arms drawn from the Albigensian Crusade (in French and English).
    • Les Blasons de Savoie by X. Lansade, devoted to the heraldry of the Savoie region.
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Macedonia
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • Serbia
    • Rodoslovlje: a site on genealogy and heraldry in Serbia, in Serbian and English
  • South Africa
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Ukraine There are several heraldic artists out on the Web, who will paint or engrave coats of arms. Since I have not used their services I do not wish to appear to endorse them personally, but they may be found with the usual Web search engines.

    c. Of Related Interest


    I recommend:
    Cyndi's List of Genealogy
                Sites on the Internet
    Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

    See also:


    Member of the Internet Genealogical Directory

    royal genealogy:

    nobiliary genealogy:


    flags of the world  Flags of the World (FOTW) has abundant and accurate information and pictures about all sorts of flags throughout the world. Also, check out Vexillolinks, a page of links to vexillological sites (including links to mirror sites for FOTW, in case the above link is slow).

    Royalty, Nobility and Chivalry

    Don't miss the Almanach de la Cour and its wealth of thorough and detailed articles on royalty, nobility and orders of chivalry, with many illustrations.
    Also, Caltrap's Corner has a variety of articles on similar topics.
    The newsgroup alt.talk.royalty (ATR) is a place where such topics are discussed: be sure to visit the excellent ATR FAQ.

    See also the Orders, Decorations and Medals Webring.

    d. SCA Heraldry

    Everything here is real-world heraldry. I have a good deal of respect for SCA heralds, who foster interest in the subject in an otherwise hostile or indifferent society such as America. But my interests are limited to real-world heraldry. For those who don't know about it, the SCA is a society mainly based in the US in which members adopt "personas" or characters from the Middle Ages and engage in various recreation activities. As part of the activities of the Society, many members adopt SCA arms, and SCA heralds regulate them.

    There are resources on Heraldry in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

    There are two relevant newsgroups: rec.org.sca is for general discussion of matters SCAdian, and alt.heraldry.sca is a very low-traffic newsgroup devoted specifically to SCA heraldry.

    4. Rec.heraldry Newsgroup

    The Usenet newsgroup devoted to heraldry is rec.heraldry. It is a public forum, in existence since September 1992, where heraldry and kindred topics are discussed by a variety of people. This is a very good place to ask a question about heraldry, but don't expect answers to any question. Oftentimes, nobody knows the answer.

    How to get answers to questions?

    First, before posting to the newsgroup, please use the following resources:

    1. There is a Most Frequently Asked Question on rec.heraldry: "what are my arms?"

    2. The answer is in the
      MFAQ and is also posted every week.
    3. For other common questions, there is a FAQ for rec.heraldry, which I presently maintain.

    4. The previous maintainer and founder of the FAQ is Gordon Findlay. It is also posted every month.
    5. If you haven't found the answer to your question yet, it may have been discussed on the newsgroup in the past.

    6. To look for any rec.heraldry post since May 1995, go to Google Groups (formerly known as Deja News) or use the following form:

      Search Google Groups

      Search for
      Find: All keywords Any keyword
      Display as: List Threads
    7. If you still haven't found an answer to your question, by all means bring it up on the newsgroup. But please familiarize yourself with Netiquette first!

    How to access a newsgroup

    To access the newsgroup rec.heraldry, you will need either:

    • a news client and access to a news server.
      A news client is a piece of software that allows you to interact with a news server, the same way a mail client allows you to download your mail from a mail server. There are many news clients, freeware and commercial. Web browsers such as Netscape or Microsoft's Explorer include news capabilities.
      A news server is a machine that receives, locally stores and delivers to clients the news articles posted worldwide to the various newsgroups. Whether you have access to a news server depends on your ISP (internet service provider: the people you pay to have internet access). Ask them.
    • access to public news servers via a Web interface.
      All you need is the Web browser you are using now, and point it to one of those public servers, such as Deja News. You will need to register (which is currently free) and this will allow you to read news and also post.

    Remarks about the newsgroup

    The newsgroup Rec.heraldry was created in September 1992. Part of the readership, and indeed of the founders, are people associated with the SCA who have an interest in historical and "real world" heraldry. No SCA topics are discussed, however, since there is a more appropriate forum.

    The topics discussed on rec.heraldry are mostly related to heraldry. Traffic is moderate (statistics are available on newsgroup traffic) and conversations are mostly courteous. But, like elsewhere, tempers occasionally flare, and flame-wars occur. Among touchy heraldic topics are the regulation of arms in Great Britain, the role of the College of Arms, the nobiliary connotations of heraldry. That doesn't mean they are taboo, but they are likely to generate heated debate (and not always enlightened debate).

    Related but non-heraldic topics are also often discussed, in part because of extensive cross-posting with alt.talk.royalty (a.k.a. ATR). Traffic on ATR is much larger, more indiscriminate, and more heated. Royalty, nobility, orders of knighthood, monarchical systems, peerage, precedence, genealogy are among the topics which are not necessarily heraldic but often appear on rec.heraldry. There are many more touchy questions among those topics.

    Because of Great Britain's peculiar history and its position as the country where official heraldic institutions exist, a lot of the topics have to do with British heraldry. That does not mean that other topics cannot be discussed, and they are. The emphasis, however, is more on "traditional" heraldry (that which developped in Western Europe starting in the 12th century), although there is no reason not to talk about other symbolic systems (such as the Japanese mon), and that happens too.

    The language is English, as with most newsgroups in the original hierarchies (comp, soc, rec, sci, etc). If you post in another language, you are less likely to be read and understood, but you can always try.

    As with all repeated interactions between humans, some norms and rules develop over time. No one enforces rules on the Usenet, but you are well advised to read about Netiquette (the etiquette of the Net) before posting.

    The rec.heraldry newsgroup has adopted (by simple vote) the following arms: Azure an escutcheon argent within an orle of bezants. No supporters, crest or motto have been chosen yet. Other proposals were made.

    There is a Roll of Arms of rec.heraldry readers. Please note: this roll of arms is not located here and I do not maintain it. Contact Zachary Kessin for any futher information.

  • 5. Software

    • Windows
      There are two Windows95 shareware progams, different in spite of similar names:
    • Macintosh

    • Steven Solomon has written a program called Heraldry Primer. It is shareware, and version 1.1 is available.

    6. Search Engines

    The Web Other Search Resources 

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